On behalf of Theta Chi Fraternity, let us welcome you to Bradley University. Bradley offers a wide variety of clubs and fraternities on campus which, at times, can seem overwhelming to get the most out of your Bradley experience. 35% of undergraduates are part of Greek life at Bradley. Greek members are always trying to get more involved on campus, and being apart of a fraternity can help you network with your fellow peers on Bradley's Campus.

Theta Chi is involved in many organizations on campus as well as philanthropy projects, intramurals, residential living, and more. Not only are we involved with these organizations, but we are also our own that creates events and helps develop friendships that will last beyond your time here at Bradley University.


Are you interested in becoming a better man? Do you have a passion for impacting and helping those around you? Are you looking for more than just a college degree at Bradley University? Then Theta Chi Fraternity might be the right chapter for you.

Theta Chi has many unique and exciting opportunities for its members. We are fortunate enough to encompass some of Bradley University’s most impressive student leaders right here in our Chapter. In addition to all of the opportunities, involvement, and activities that we participate in within the Greek Community, Theta Chi opens doors for its members in a variety of areas that accommodate a wide range of opportunity for involvement, leadership, and friendship. These are just a few of the benefits that Theta Chi has to offer, the opportunities are endless, and you are encouraged to make your experience your own


Our chapter members come together often and spend time together, getting to know each other well, and having a great time. We organize events that we call ‘brotherhood’ events. These range from going to the movies, taking road trips, Bradley University sporting events and bowling with one another. In addition to this, our brothers are highly involved in intramural sports, which provides a great recreation opportunity for our members to participate in together.

One of the more enjoyable events we share together every year as brothers is our formal in the spring semester. For formal, we take a trip and have a formal reception to cap off the year. Most importantly have a lot of fun. We bring dates, and use this event as a way to honor the graduating seniors and outstanding members of the chapter. It’s one of the best parts of the year, and always something to look forward to.

The opportunity for brotherhood development is constant, and these are only a few examples of the events that bring our members closer. Whether it’s going on a Spring Break trip together, or something as simple as watching a movie in the C-Room, we have endless opportunities to have fun. We are constantly finding new and exciting events to become closer with our fellow brothers and to enjoy life together.


While we always have a good time with the other brothers in the chapter, some of the most fun events we have are with other Greek houses at Bradley University. We have a variety of social events with other fraternities and sororities in the Greek community throughout the year. Not only are these a lot of fun, but they are a great way to meet people outside of Theta Chi.


While we are involved on campus, we still do our best to be involved within the Greek community outside of Theta Chi. We know involvement in the Greek community is for the greater good of the Greek system and a great way to project a positive image of our chapter. We have members who have served on Inter Fraternity Council and Order of Omega. We also have members who have volunteered for various Greek community events. With this involvement, we hope to help keep Bradley University as one of the top Greek communities in the country.


“Alma Mater First, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater.” This is the maxim of Theta Chi Fraternity, and states that we put our academics and loyalty to our university above Theta Chi Fraternity. We all joined Theta Chi to enhance our college experience, but we must remember the reason we are here: to earn a college degree. That being said, our chapter puts a big stress on academics and does our best to put members in a position to succeed in the classroom.

Being a medium sized chapter, we have a variety of majors represented in the chapter. Whether it’s engineering, business, or liberal arts, our chapter embraces our academic diversity. Even with a variety of different majors, our chapter has plenty of resources to help all of us be successful. We have access to academic resources and other brothers in our house who are always willing to help others succeed. We’ve seen former members of our chapter go on to become doctors and president’s of companies, because they were put in a position to succeed academically by being a member of Theta Chi. While we have many resources, we stress that the member also has to have the personal drive to do well, and that’s something we really look for when recruiting new members.