So your interested in joining a fraternity? but you may be hesitant to join because of your parents opinions? Believe us, you or your parents are not the first to have had some concerns about Greek life, but please continue reading this page for more information. Theta Chi is a fraternity built on the prospects of becoming a better man. Our fraternity also extends an helping hand to others through community service and philanthropy. Unlike other Greek organizations, our purpose is to not uphold the stereotypes of Greek like but to better our community and brotherhood.


Any university has a GPA requirement to be enrolled in it, Theta Chi has something similar to becoming a member. This proves that we don’t just take any man that walks our way. To join Theta Chi and remain active you need to be above and beyond what the university requires. In addition, Theta Chi has been ranked in the top three GPAs of Bradley’s fraternities the past four terms in a row. Best of all to further enforce the goal of achieving academic excellence Theta Chi Fraternity has scholarships that undergraduate Brothers can apply for.


Every chapter sets different financial obligations, but “the money question” shouldn’t be the one thing that keeps you from going Greek. Fraternity dues help pay for just about everything needed to keep a fraternity running smoothly. Our fraternity keeps a strict budget in order to lower costs for our members. Dues also help keep the house updated as we continue to renovate rooms in our house. Did you know? The fee for in-house members is less expensive than living in the dorms. Theta Chi has also variety of payment options, and many brothers participate in a payment plan. In addition we also provide scholarships, which you can help with the cost.


Our motto is “Alma Mater first, Theta Chi for Alma Mater.” When you boil it down, we’re all students here, and school is our top priority. But, being part of a fraternity also means having fun. To get the best of both worlds, we encourage our members to develop strong time management skills. Many of our brothers are able to consistently qualify for the Dean’s and President’s lists, and our overall GPA is often at or near the top of the list. So in short, yes, you can strike a balance, but only if you’re willing to set priorities and manage your time effectively. We can give you the tools to do that, but it’s ultimately up to you.


Typically the new members will have one session a week at the chapter house lasting around an hour. We feel new member education in Theta Chi is one of the most important aspects of being a member. This is the time to learn what our fraternity is all about, and solidify the reasons you chose to join. You will learn the history, morals, and rules regarding our fraternity and chapter.


One of the most obvious stereotypes about joining a fraternity is that they throw academics into the wind for the sake of having a good time, generally partying. This is not the case for our chapter at all. We take pride in our academics as well as extending the assisting hand, often by means of community service projects. Our chapter has be the recipient of many campus awards as we boast the highest member GPA of any fraternity on campus.


Rush is a casual term to describe the process of Formal Recruitment, which every fraternity on campus participates in. During Rush Week, there will be many events where you’ll have an opportunity to meet brothers and tell them a little about yourself. This is a chance for you to become better friends with the brothers of the fraternity and figure out if it is the right fit for you. Rush give you the ability to better understand Greek life and the Greek organizations you are interested in.


Absolutely not. Hazing is something that we do not tolerate here at Theta Chi. Not only does hazing reinforce negative stereotypes, we strongly believe that it is destructive and harmful to the health of a chapter and its members. We build our brothers up, not tear them down. If hazing is ever to be found at Theta Chi, we encourage you to report it.


As an incoming freshman, a fraternity can be a scary idea. Fraternity life can be seen as intimidating and the thought of committing to a group that lasts a lifetime can feel overwhelming. The truth is that joining a fraternity has a lot to offer! It most importantly provides an environment that encourages and expects a high level of dedication to classes and school.


Bradley University is among the top schools in the Midwest region and is known for its prestigious academic programs ranging anywhere from Engineering Technology to Liberal Arts. Students on campus are notorious for being involved in campus clubs and organizations through which they develop outstanding leadership skills. Your acceptance to Bradley University suggests you share many of these scholastic and leadership ideals. We believe young men are much more likely to be successful in their college career if they affiliate with other young individuals who share these ideals of scholarship and leadership.